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Infectious Disease Consultations

Ask your family doctor about getting a referral to see an Infectious Disease Specialist at Peak! Infectious diseases are disorders caused by organisms — such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. Many organisms live in and on our bodies. They’re normally harmless or even helpful, but under certain conditions, some organisms may cause disease. Some infectious diseases can be passed from person to person (Source: Mayo Clinic).

Both adult and pediatric patients can be referred to Peak’s Infectious Disease Specialist for:

  • Immunization Consults for immunocompromised patients and vaccination recommendations
  • Patients on immunosuppressant drugs (e.g. immunomodulators, Biologics) or chemotherapy and immunizations needs
  • Vaccine hesitant patients
  • Immunization reactions and concerns for re-vaccination

Pediatric only:

  • Recurrent fever syndromes, recurrent infections, recurrence of infection with resistant organisms (e.g urinary tract infections)
  • Concerns about possible immunodeficiencies
  • Recurrent skin and soft tissue infections and decolonization (e.g. MRSA)
  • Treatment and recurrence of C.difficile infections
  • Herpes Simplex infections and prophylaxis
  • Rheumatic fever consults
  • Treatment follow up of patients with congenital CMV
  • Pulmonary nodules
  • Dermatophytic skin infections and onychomycosis
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections in adolescents
  • Infectious issues in special populations (CGD, asplenics, other immunocompromised populations)
  • Follow up of Kawasaki Disease cases
  • Otitis externa, chronic suppurative otitis media, resistant upper respiratory infections


We have one Infectious Disease Specialist working out of our Crowfoot location. Click on their picture to learn more about them.

Dr. Constantinescu

Infectious Disease Specialist | Crowfoot



Located at 31 Crowfoot Way NW, T3G 2L4 inside the Pinnacle Medical Centre at Co-op Crowfoot.

P 1-833-738-PEAK(7325)
F 1-855-738-PEAK(7325)