Psychiatry Consultations Calgary

At Peak Medical Group, our psychiatrists are devoted to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders.

As a trusted medical specialty clinic in Alberta, our psychiatrists offer personalized care for patients. We are proud of our strong track record of treating all patients with commitment and compassion.

At Peak Medical, we make sure to treat all of our patients with the upmost level of respect and compassion.

Psychiatrist with Depressed Patient
Psychiatrist Speaking with Patient

Peak Psychiatrists Specialize in Diagnosing and Treating Various Conditions Such As:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Psychosis
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Trauma or stress related disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Drug induced mood disorder
  • Personality disorders
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Dementia
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Bereavement

Mental health is a sensitive topic and our psychiatrists will work with you to find a treatment plan that works best with your input.

We Will Find Treatment That Fits You and Your Lifestyle

By age 40, almost half of all Canadians will have experienced a mental illness, but only half of those who have suffered from depression or anxiety will have gone to a doctor for a mental health concern. Mental health stigma continues to stop both children and adults from seeking help.

In Alberta, a referral from a family doctor or healthcare provider is needed to see a psychiatrist, all visits are covered by Alberta health care.

The main difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist is that psychiatrists are medical doctors who can prescribe medication to improve treatment outcomes, while psychologists hold advanced psychology degrees in psychology but cannot prescribe medication in Canada.

If you believe that you would benefit from the services our psychiatrists can provide, contact our clinic today.

Psychiatrist Discussing Medication with Older Patient

Meet Our Peak Calgary Psychiatrists

If you believe a psychiatric evaluation could be beneficial for you, consider discussing it with your family physician for a referral or reach out to our office for more information.

Dr. Giovana de Amorim Levin – MD, FRCPC

General Adult Psychiatry

Psychiatrist Dr. Giovana de Amorim Levin

Dr. Vijender Balain –  MD MCEE FRCPC

General Adult Psychiatry

Dr. M Nadeem Ul Haq Khan – MBBS, FRCPsych, FRCPSC, DPM, DCP Psychiatrist

General Adult Psychiatry


Lincoln Park

Peak Medical Specialty Centre and Peak Sleep Clinic Calgary Lincoln Park are located close to Mount Royal University and just off Glenmore Trail (near Glenmore Audi), east of Richard Road, across the street from Tim Horton’s. We are in the large, white, square building labelled Peak Medical Specialty Centers.

Address: 49 Richard Way SW Suite 103, Calgary, AB T3E 7M8

Phone: 1-833-738-PEAK(7325)
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