Certified Pediatric Respirologist Consultations in Calgary

At Peak Medical Group, our team of highly trained respiratory care specialists and Pediatric Pulmonologists (or Respirologists) provide high quality and personalized healthcare for children experiencing breathing or lung problems. Our goal is to help children learn to manage symptoms of breathing conditions and develop a plan for long term. 

Our Pediatric Respirologists treat children of all ages and provide services ranging from newborn screening to pulmonary function testing for late teens. Lung conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, and apnea can lead to serious long lasting health consequences if left untreated. 

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Our Calgary Pediatric Respirologists Can Help With: 

  • Asthma or Asthma Attacks
  • Apnea
  • Chronic Coughing
  • Chronic Lung Diseases in Infants
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Difficulty Breathing or Rapid Breathing
  • Reoccurring Pneumonia (Including Pneumonia Caused by COVID-19)
  • Noisy Breathing

Peak Medical Group provides complete pulmonary testing for almost all types of lung conditions. You can learn more by visiting out pulmonary function testing page here.

Peak Medical Group can also help with conditions that may require special equipment to help with breathing at home.

What You Can Expect From Our Calgary Pediatric Respirology Staff

Children and teens have different medical needs than adults because they have growing bodies.

Here’s what you can expect from your first visit. Our doctor will start by asking some questions about symptoms and medical history. Then we may do a pulmonary function test which may involve simple tasks like breathing and simple exercises. We may do allergy or additional testing to rule out or diagnose certain conditions.

We understand that it can be a big deal for your child to meet a new doctor, so feel free to show your child our doctor bios or bring any comfort items like toys to help your child feel more welcome.

Pediatric Respirologist Talking to Family

Meet Our Calgary Pediatric Respirologists


Clinic Phone: 403-910-5314

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Peak Medical Specialty Centre and Peak Sleep Clinic Calgary Lincoln Park are located at #103, 49 Richard Way SW, T3E 7M8 which is close to Mount Royal University and just off Glenmore Trail (near Glenmore Audi), east of Richard Road, across the street from Tim Horton’s. We are in the large, white, square building labelled Peak Medical Specialty Centers.

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