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Our Peak orthopedic surgeon specializes in diagnosing any issues relating to the musculoskeletal system which includes your bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. When you have long lasting pain or lost mobility after an injury it can be hard for you to keep up with everyday activities. If left untreated, pain can persist and eventually develop into a longer term bone or muscle illness.

Whether you are suffering from an injury or chronic health condition, our doctors and medical team are dedicated to finding a treatment that best fits you and your medical history. 

If you feel persistent stiffness, discomfort, or muscle joint or bone pain lasting more than 3 months, reach out to a family doctor or sports medicine physician to get a referral.

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Our Orthopedic Surgeon Treats Conditions Such As:

  • Arthritis of any joint in the extremities
  • Soft tissue conditions such as tendonitis
  • Acute but non-emergent Orthopaedic trauma
  • Acute Sporting injuries
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain including the consideration of injection therapy

Additional services offered by Peak Medical Clinic include:

  • Pre-surgery consultation
  • Assistance with follow-up and rehabilitation post surgery
  • Second opinions offered following previous surgery or assessment

What To Expect From Our Orthopedic Surgeon.

Our orthopedic surgeon and medical team will typically begin by asking you about about your medical history and any specific symptoms you are concerned about. This may include any past procedures, medications, conditions, and injuries.

During your first appointment you can expect recommendations a personalized treatment plan which may involve non-surgical options like medications, injections, or physical therapies. Surgery may be required if a patient doesn’t respond to other treatments.

Dr Scott Riley Campbell has a strong history of providing excellent care and taking the time to make sure patients understand their treatment options. Past patients have noted Dr Campbell’s attention to detail and expertise when providing a second opinion after a past procedure or diagnosis.

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Peak Orthopedic Surgeon Calgary

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Dr. Scott Riley Campbell

Orthopedic Surgeon | Lincoln Park

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Peak Medical Specialty Centre and Peak Sleep Clinic Calgary Lincoln Park are located at #103, 49 Richard Way SW, T3E 7M8 which is close to Mount Royal University and just off Glenmore Trail (near Glenmore Audi), east of Richard Road, across the street from Tim Horton’s. We are in the large, white, square building labelled Peak Medical Specialty Centers.

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