Dr. Russell

Podiatrist – Walden

Dr. Russell has been in practice for 38 years and he is a graduate of the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine (now incorporated into Chicago Medical School). He completed his residency in both General and Surgical Podiatry at Vancouver General Hospital in conjunction with UBC Medical School. After Dr. Russell finished his residency, he spent six years on the orthopedic surgical staff at St. Francis Hospital of New Jersey Medical Centre and on staff at Princeton University Medical Centre.

He has practiced with the Seymour Health Centre in Vancouver for the past 28 years and as a Podiatry consultant for Medicentres of Canada in Alberta for the past 19 years. He is licensed to perform foot surgery by both the British Columbia and the Alberta Podiatric Medical Associations. He has passed the medical boards in the states of Vermont, Washington, and New Jersey as well as British Columbia and Alberta.

He routinely performs surgery for certain bunion deformities (medial eminence resection and hallux limitus repair), hammertoes, neuromas, subluxed metatarsals, fibromas, and other benign lesions, ingrown toenails, fasciotomies, and heel spur resections. A large part of his practice involves treating orthopedic deformities and acute complaints of both children and adults with functional root method orthotics.

He also administers cortisone injections and neurolysis injections for recalcitrant neuromas, fasciitis, capsulitis, and tendonitis.

Dr. Russell looks forward to helping Peak Medical patients with any Podiatry related issues. Ask your doctor for a referral today!